Changes are coming !

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You may notice that we changed the name of our site from Dragonwood’s Pyrographic Art to Dragonwood’s Sacred Space. That is because that are merging together. While the art is our hobby and we love to do it, the retreat we call Sacred Sapce is coming to the head of the helm. By next spring we hope to be ready to start helping others.

This is the new entryway to the community center. We intend on having the inside finished by next spring. With kitchen, meeting area, and sleeping space for those who come for a longer visit. We will also be putting in a larger garden this spring so we can grow our own vegetables. Even hope to put in some hydroponic gardening.

Dragonwood’s Sacred Space will be a  sanctuary retreat where a person can come to heal, rejuvenate and reboot their mind, body and soul.

With the help and guidance of Mother Willow, and her many different talents ranging from, Reiki, energy work, to her intuitive  insights, and healing ways. We are located about 40 miles northwest of Spokane Washington, up in the mountains, with peaceful  surroundings .

This picture was taken this last spring. If your intrested in knowing more. You can always email Mother Willow at motherwillow17@gmail.com. She can answer any questions you mite have. Please follow us and we will be posting our progress threw the fall and winter. Love and Light to everyone!

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Remodeling the retreat entrance

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Those big doors are getting taken off and replaced with two doors with windows and a window over the doors, to let light in and make the retreat entrance look good. We will be burning on the doors, turning them into works of art. Hope you follow us and watch the magic happen!


New pictures

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Just putting up some new picture that our daughter did. She is getting good.

She made these for her and her daughters.