New pictures

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Just putting up some new picture that our daughter did. She is getting good.

She made these for her and her daughters.



From start to finish.

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The fist step is selection of the wood. For these kind of pictures I like to order the 12 inch pine disk. Then I sand it to make it extra smooth. That makes my burn much easier to control. Then I put the picture outline on with pencil. From there, it’s all burning. My pictures didn’t load in the right order, however, you can get the idea. This one, the person I made it for didn’t want it framed, he wanted to finish it off himself. That’s great! I like doing things for people that want to use my pictures in other things.

This one was made for a lady who wanted something on the top of her marble box.

Gourds are fun too, they are also good rhythm interments as well.

I don’t do tracing on my gourds, it’s all free hand. I am doing more free hand work as I get better at drawing what I want.


A Word About Our Retreat

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We are now open for those who want to come for a one-on-one session with Mother Willow. You can contact her at motherwillow55@gmail.com and talk to her about what you want to accomplish. She is a Certified Life Coach, ordained minister, Reiki Master, energy worker, and uses many different  techniques to activate,  and facilitate, the healing process. She also incorporates sounds, tones, vibration, touch, stones and many other things to bring about the desired goal.

We are located in the mountains, just about 40 miles north of Spokane, Washington, deep in the woods, peaceful and quiet, a bit rustic in nature. We do provide overnight accommodations plus there small motel about 7 miles away in Loon Lake.

There is no charge but we do ask for a donation of some kind. An exchange of energy is our way.

Sacred Space

What is a session like? Well, after you are guided in by our helper, Mother Willow will first sit and talk with you more about the goal you discussed in the emails. Some sessions take a day, some more. You will already have an idea of how long you will need to stay from your chat through the emails.  Each goal has a different way of treatment. There is no one way of doing things. She will use many different methods, whatever she feels is needed to clear negative energy and do the energy work that is needed.  Sessions can last from 4-6 hours to as long as three days.