Happy Valentine’s Day !

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February is here and love is in the air. I love making these. This is a 12 inch disk. This one is available but it’s not finished. A special picture or message can be put inside the heart. So if your looking for a very unique way to say I love you, please send me an email! We can add stones, and different things that will make it one of a kind. No one else will have one like it.

Love dove

These are some others that can be used. I don’t have them made, but I can make more. Each one unique in their own way. The 12″ disk I always keep on hand, for personal orders.

Remember all the profits go to building our retreat. We are not taking out a loan to build it, and create a high intrest debt to pay back. This way we can keep the retreat to a very low cost so those who are in a financial crunch, can still come to the retreat and visit with Mother Willow, for personal one on one help. Email me with any questions, at

So while your here check out our Dragonwood’s Sacred Space page and see more of what we are doing.

Love and light
Mother Willow


Just showing a few things.

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Loving Dragons with large tiger eye.

Water fairy

Work in progress

Winter is deep, and our work has slowed. But yet still moving forward. Working on the downstairs is slow, but sure. We have many projects still to do.

Dragon girl with frame

Love and light Mother Willow


Happy Holidays!

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I like saying Happy Holidays. I love looking at other cultures, too. Having knowledge of other cultures is part of world peace. Embracing the world, as I call it. All cultures have something unique to offer.

This was the first year I didn’t put up any decorations. I didn’t feel like it. It was not that I was depressed or anything, I just feel different. I feel more at peace this year than I have ever felt. I can feel people all over the world wanting peace and love. We are starting to stand up. I see it all over the Internet. New people are coming forward with peaceful ideas. New groups are forming. Groups of new ideas, new ways of thinking. Right now the media has us focus on the bad stuff and we don’t get to see how many are doing positive things. We have to learn to start looking for it and shine the light on it. Organized religion has gotten people to fear shining their light, for it is a sin to be proud and boastful . Made it wrong to stand out and be different. We are starting to get over that. By embracing our own unique qualities. I want peace on earth and good will toward mankind all year around, not just a few weeks in the year.

I was reading about Kawnzaa, how it is not a religious holiday. It’s a celebration of culture. Recognizing and embracing the different ways of the different people who all love and give thanks in their own unique way. It makes for an interesting view on the world. We don’t all have to agree on everything, but I think we all agree on the one thing: war and violence is not the answer, it’s a side effect of the symptom. Lack of understanding is the problem. We need to understand that we are all from the same tree, just different branches. I think we are starting to recognize this and rise up, and have that peace we want.

Human beings are amazing when they join their energies together. Can you imagine what would happen if we were to put as much energy into peace and taking care of each other as we do in creating wars? Wow! I think it’s starting to happen. The people at Standing Rock are showing us it can be done! People are not waiting for others to solve their problems, we are coming up with solutions.

That is why we are working to make this a non-profit organization so it can grow and build on itself. The people who want our help the most are stressed out enough over financial matters. We want to change that. We believe once people catch on to what we are doing, it will grow. It will become self-perpetuating. To have a retreat where an individual or a group can come and get back in touch with nature and Mother Earth. To find their grounding and become stable again. Connect with your roots. Learn new methods and coping skills. To look inside for the answers they seek. Use their imagination.

Love and Light

Mother Willow



What is going on here at Dragonwood

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Here is what is going on at Dragonwood. You see, we started Dragonwood’s Pyrographic Art to fund the Sacred Space part. All of our profits go into building this sanctuary called Sacred Space. This is for healing of the mind, body, and soul. People come to see Mother Willow, to seek guidance in their healing process. We are building a retreat so individuals and small groups can come and see Mother Willow and Big Daddy. In the group retreats, we will be doing things like stress reduction, meditation, vision quest.

Mother Willow is a certified Life Coach, Ordained Minister, and Reiki Master. We believe the only way to have peace on earth is to go within. We want to bring this kind of healing to people who are financially-challenged. There are many very good retreats out there but at a price that only the well-off can afford. Those who are challenged by a budget that keeps them locked into self prison. They are the ones that need it it the most! This retreat will provide for those who would normally have to pass the opportunity up because of a financial crunch. So it’s done on a donation sliding scale thing. So no one gets left out unless you choose not to make the time.

In the beginning we started out with this property. We consider ourselves as caretakers of the sanctuary. While we may be the owners, we feel more like guardians of the realm. Great spirit guided us here and made it possible for us to buy it. Wonderful people came together on the 4th of July, no less, to put the deal together. It was a miracle in itself. Tucked away in the mountains of Washington, just north of Spokane, 11.5 acres, a house,and a shop. Dragonwood was born! That was in 2014. It took us two years to get this project off the ground.

Now we are at the phases where we are ready to start the next step in construction. The two things that we needed were manpower and finances. We got the manpower and more is coming, and the finances are coming in, thanks to GoFundMe. Our art is not selling very fast, with the economy the way it is, it’s understandable. That was what was holding us up. Now thanks to one of our newest members of Dragonwood, Jim McDonald, with his help of getting these sites up, contributing, we now can get underway with the construction of the community center part of the retreat.

We are a family of 7 right now, three generations all committed to the guardianship of Dragonwood. This is a Sacred Space, that will bring peace and enlightenment to those who need it. We are the work crew, that is doing all of the construction. We want to keep the cost down so we are doing all the work ourselves. The shop that came with the place had two stories. Up top is a small one bedroom appartment. That is where Mother Willow and Big Daddy stay. Downstairs was the shop, laundry/bathroom. But we needed the space to hold the retreat. A kitchen to prepare food, a place to hold meetings and classes. So we decided to move the shop around the corner to a large carport area, we will finishe that off and in close it. So we can use the downstairs to put a kitchen, rec room, meeting area, that will also serve as a craft area and be able to fold up and turn into a sleeping area till the cabins are built. The picture you see above is the old shop, that is being moved.

It’s very rustic and unfinished, needs lots of work, drywall, and new fixtures. Some things we can get used to save expenses.


We just got this kitchen sink for $20. We are always looking to get things at a bargain. We had a ceiling fan donated. Now we are clearing, cleaning, and moving things around so we can get the construction going. First thing will be the laundry room, that is where we will have to hook up the plumbing to go through the wall to the kitchen. Then we will do the kitchen and progress to the recreation area and meeting area.

The reason why we don’t publish the exact address is that you can’t find us with the address. The mail box is over a mile from our house. We are deep into the woods, for privacy, not just for us, but for those who come to see us. There are many different roads out here but there is no way to tell where to go. We think that is a plus and don’t mind guiding people in. It also gives them the feeling of leaving the world behind and entertaining into a different realm. That in itself is very relaxing and healing, gives a person a safe feeling. No, we are not off the grid but we have back-up if need be.

I hope this helps people understand us better and what we are doing. We had hoped that our art would be all we needed to finance the building of the retreat. However, while we do sell some of our art, it’s not enough to build the retreat. So it was suggested that we start a GoFundMe account. That was a very hard step for us to take. Our pride and egos were getting in the way. As someone pointed out to me, put it out there and let spirit take care of the rest.

So, in closing I will leave you with this thought:

Consciousness is nothing but awareness – the composite of all the things we pay attention to – Deepak Chopra

Love and Light
Mother Willow



We have a sister site!

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We now have a sister site called S.O.U.L. Seekers of Universal Life. On that site I do more blogging about other topics. There I tell my personal journey as Mother Willow. I hope you will join us there and explore the paths of possibilities with us. There is a link here on this site that connects the two.

As we grow and develop Dragonwood as the mystical place that it is, we want to share with you all the wonderful things we will be doing to bring love and light to those who need it. Our mission is to build a sanctuary for those who need something that is a bit different. From simply needing to relax in a tranquil and loving environment, to needing spiritual guidance and some energy work. Once we get the basic foundation laid, aka, the downstairs finished, we can have people come and stay a day or two, or three. All on a donation bases. There are a lot of fancy places out there, nice hotels with lots of frills, but there is a need for a place like this for those who are financially challenged. As well as for those who are not.

In the future, we hope to host a woman’s retreat. A small group to start with, to rejuvenate and replenish the connection to whatever it is you wish to connect with, be it your inner soul, your love for nature, to seek your divine calling, etc. Healing of the mind, body and spirit.

We have plenty of room to spread out, hence, 11.5 acres, lots of plans. I’ll be posting pictures to our progress. Our art helps with the funding of the building of this sanctuary. 100% of the profit goes to the building. We can always use donations. We are working on getting our not-for-profit organization together. It’s kind of tricky and I’m not a lawyer so this will be a new learning experience for me. Online volunteers are always welcome, too.

In closing, I will leave you with a quote from Deepak Chopra’s book, Journey into Healing. “We all need to be healed in the highest sense by making ourselves perfect in mind, body, and spirit. The first step is to realize that this is even possible.”

Love and Light,
Mother Willow